Our Vision

We believe that one of the primary disconnects in the NFT space is the delta between the conversation and commerce — marketplaces aren’t social, and social media isn’t a good marketplace. So we’re aiming to fix this.
Imagine talking with friends about the latest drop in the place where it’s dropping. Imagine a live art show where you can speak directly with the artist or an out-of-this-world concert in a beautifully displayed 3D space.
Artifct Spaces will marry communication with the creative economy.
This document is updated on demand; all information and documentation shared is subject to change at any time. All decisions are made by the Artifct team, partners and investors, which the Artifct community can also influence. We advise everyone to seek financial advice to be informed when making financial or investment decisions. Artifct Docs are not guaranteed and are meant exclusively as informational planning of our developments.
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