Putting the focus on art, community engagement and fun, we have defined Elements and how they work. Gathering elements will allow you to purchase items and customisations for utility and trade inside your 3D space.

What are missions?

Missions are set periods we travel together, allowing Moon holders to visit the moon and mine for rare elements.

How does mining work?

The mining of plots can vary depending on the mission. Each mission can be limited or open. Missions allow mining to be dynamic. Each mission adjusts the price based on the market, introducing new mechanisms, rarities, chance, discoveries and mission rewards.
The details for each mission are published before launch.

What are mission rewards?

Rewards are randomly distributed to the Moon crew who mined during the mission. Rewards are airdropped after the mission has completed. Rewards can vary from mission to mission.
NB: Rewards are not guaranteed for all miners; reward receivers are randomised. Our next post will provide