Technical Partnerships

We have joined forces with some of the best builders in the Cardano ecosystem to ensure that we deliver an excellent and seamless user experience throughout Artifct Spaces.
JPG Store and Artifct have partnered together to provide end users with an interoperable marketplace and trade service. When using Artfict Spaces, JPG Store features such as NFT listings, purchases and future features like auctions will work seamlessly across both locations.
ADAHandle and Artifct have partnered together to ensure our web3 experiences support the integration of handles and sub-handles, bringing your Cardano identity into Spaces.
ANVIL and Artifct have partnered together to provide an integrated, user-friendly solution to live multi-sig minting within Artifct Spaces.

PFP Partnerships

Social experiences need a PFP to reflect your style and who you are. We have connected and partnered with great projects, and we are bringing them to the moon with us. Our supported PFPs will grow as we onboard more partner projects.
We would love to partner with more great projects in the community, please reach out to the team if you think your project is a good fit.