We’re creating a virtual web3 environment where people can build, trade & explore in 3D. The Moon will become a humming space of trade and social interaction while serving as a launching point for Mars and beyond.
Our journey starts on Earth’s Moon, where we will provide an initial baseline of 3D experiences called Artifct Spaces.

What are Spaces?

Spaces allow the holder of a plot to host and configure their space for others to join. Spaces can be used to host events and galleries, including features like chat, voice, streaming, trade and minting - wrapped in an immersive 3D interface.
Users can connect, customise their avatars and join their favourite spaces to engage with unique communities around the Moon.
We have partnered with the best builders in wallets, trade and minting services to make this social experience simple, intuitive and user-focused.
Focussing on browser access to Artifct Spaces allows anyone, from anywhere, to connect and view a Space - with no downloading.